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Sea Love Swim LLC is dedicated to providing swim instruction to any student regardless of age or ability. Our swim lessons are designed to nurture a healthy and encouraging relationship with water and we currently serve individuals and families in the Nashville, TN area. 

We believe swimming is an empowering life-saving skill everyone should learn. We are dedicated to a new wave of swim instruction based on proper assessment of our students, intuitive instruction and positivity! We know every individual student is unique so our lessons are designed to meet a swimmer where they are comfortable in the water and gently progress them forward through trust and affirmation. Beyond this, Sea Love Swim is designed to give to those less fortunate. A portion of every lesson is donated toward Swim for Africa, a charity that provides resources for education in Kenya. As Sea Love Swim grows we also hope to grow our charity involvement.

Sea Love Swim LLC offers private lessons, semi-private lessons and boutique group lessons. This includes our one-of-a-kind parent child class Splash and Sing! Our lessons are currently held at 11 Vaugns Gap road through our partnership with Boost Fitclub. Thank you Boost! We also offer roaming swim instructors for individuals or families with access to private pool facilities. 

Skills We Teach and Love!

All 4 Swim Strokes - Roll Over Breathing - Side Breathing -

Proper Flutter Kick - Bubbles Bubbles and more Bubbles -

Front Float - Back Float - Flip Turns - Swimming Dives -

Object Retrieval - Water Safety Skills -

Turn Arounds - Tredding Technique - and so much more!

Private Lessons

Semi Private Lessons

Group Lessons

Parent/Child Class

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TJ Carter


TJ Carter grew up in Northern California and began teaching swim lessons at the age of 15. She swam competitively in high school and fell in love with open water swimming at University. TJ swam Alcatraz, Donner Lake, Fallen Leaf Lake, Trans-Tahoe 12 miles and Trans-Tahoe 21 miles. When training for her marathon swim in 2010, TJ and her sisters started Swim For Africa, using her passion for swimming to help raise support for educational sponsorships in Kenya.

The following year, TJ relocated to Nashville with a music degree, and became the swim lesson coordinator for the GJCC serving over 600 families from 2011-2014. After taking a couple years to tour playing music, TJ returned to Nashville and became the Lead Swim Instructor at BoostFit Club as well as a Lead Swim Instructor for the Nashville Dolphins.  

Due to her 20 year teaching experience, she has taught a vast number of children and adults how to swim and it was only a matter of time before her love of swimming would mature into a full swimming program. Thus the birth of Sea Love Swim, Swim Lessons designed to properly asses a student and gently progress their skills through positivity and encouragement.

Sea Love Swim focuses on a healthy, positive relationship with the water, balance, technique and physics. Not only that but one of TJ's dreams is continuing to give back through swimming so a portion of every Sea Love Swim lesson goes to help sponsor school fee's for the youth of Swim For Africa. TJ desires to spread the joy of learning to swim throughout Nashville and beyond. 

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