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  • What Is Sea Love Swim's Payment Policy?
    All Sea Love Swim lessons must be paid in full at the time of booking. Our lessons are first come, first served so in order to hold a scheduled lesson on our platform, that lesson must be paid in full.
  • What is Sea Love Swim's Cancellation Policy?
    Our clients can login at any time to change or cancel swim appointments. Cancellations 12 hours prior to a booked appointment will be automatically credited back to their account and can be re-booked at their convenience. Any cancellation within 12 hours of an appointment booking is a full charge.
  • What is Sea Love Swim's Weather Policy?
    Weather Policy: We know weather can be unpredictable. Cancel your lesson up to 12 hours prior to your scheduled lesson time and automatically be credited back the lesson to reschedule at your convenience. *If the radar is calling for bad weather, login and cancel your lesson the night before so you can reschedule. If clients do not cancel 12 hours prior for weather, it is up to the discretion of their instructor, that day, to cancel the lesson before arrival. Clients will not be charged if their instructor decides to cancel lessons based on weather. However, should your instructor not cancel and arrive for a scheduled lesson that it is cut short from lightening or thunder, you will be charged for the full lesson.
  • What is Sea Love Swim's Refund Policy?
    Sickness? Travel? Busy Schedules? We get it. We offer our clients a very flexible cancellation policy (clients can login and cancel for any reason up to 12 hours before a scheduled appointment) and their cancelled lesson credit will be available to reschedule at their convenience. For this reason, we do not offer monetary refunds once a package of lessons has been purchased. Unused lesson credits don't expire.
  • What is the Pool Temperature and Cleanliness Policy?
    In order for us to provide the best swim lesson service, pool temperature must be a minimum of 78 degrees. Pool water must also be in proper balance (chemically) and pool must be clean. Should an instructor arrive to a lesson where the pool is colder than 78 or dirty, we reserve the right to deny service and charge for the lesson.
  • How Long Does My Lesson Package Last?
    Our lesson credits don't expire!
  • When Is Payment Accepted?
    Full payment for swim lessons is made at the time of booking. Sea Love Swim does not reserve calendar bookings for lessons that are not pre-paid.
  • What Do I Bring To Our Swim Lesson?
    Swimsuit, Towel and Goggles if you have them :)
  • Can I Get Into The Water With My Child?
    We know transitioning into swim lessons can be hard and some have extreme anxiety when it comes to water, so we allow parents the option of getting into the water with their child up to 30 months old. This doesn't mean parents have to get into the water, but it is an option.
  • My Child Is Crying During Lessons. What Can I Do To Help?
    Sometimes littles can have a hard time adjusting to being in the water and also being in the water without a parent. The best thing you can do is listen to your instructor. They may ask you to be "out of sight, out of mind" for a few minutes, or to help encourage them from the deck. Every child is different. Bath time at home however can be quite important; encouraging kicks, tummy to back rolls and water conditioning with a cup if your child needs more acclimation to water over their face etc. can be very rewarding when it comes to transitioning into the pool.
  • I Partnered With A Family For A Multi-Child Lesson. Can We Still Swim If One Family Cannot Make A Booked Lesson?
    Yes, however when purchasing a multi-child lesson package, the duration of the package must remain consistent. If you booked a 60 minute lesson for 2 swimmers we can teach one swimmer for the entire duration of the lesson or you can cancel and reschedule your multi-child booking for when both swimmers can be accommodated.
  • What Do I Do If I Don't Think My Instructor Is The Best Fit?
    We know that any successful swim lesson relies on the relationship between the swimmer and the instructor. If you don't feel your instructor is a good fit for you, you may cancel your bookings with that instructor (at least 12 hours prior to your bookings) and walk through the booking flow again to book with a different instructor.
  • Where Is The Cancellation or Reschedule Button In My Client Account?
    Once you have logged in, click on the "my bookings" tab on the left menu. Once you see all your bookings listed, scroll all the way to the right and you will see a cancellation button and/or Reschedule Button for every appointment you have currently booked.
  • What is the Service Fee?
    The service fee is a set 5% of total cost of lessons to cover the credit card fee from the credit card company and a 1% fee from MarketBox, our booking platform provider.
  • How Do I Book Recuring Lessons?
    When walking through our booking flow, a toggle switch appears after choosing your lesson package. Before clicking continue, make sure to turn the toggle switch on if you would like your lessons to repeat on a weekly basis.
  • What Do I Do If There Are No Providers In My Area?
    If you walk through our booking flow and there are no providers in your area please email We will double check for you and get back to you with an instructor or to let you know we have added you to our waiting list.
  • What Is The Best Option For Booking Multiple Swimmers?
    Book a multi-child lesson for 60 or 90 minutes. Your instructor will assess and divide the time appropriately between swimmers. Please know that we do not adjust the rate or booking time if one swimmer cannot make a scheduled multi-child lesson. The full time can be divided with the swimmers who are present or you may cancel and reschedule the booking for when all swimmers can make the scheduled lesson.
  • How Do I Book A Lesson For Two Separate Families?
    We are happy to offer multi-child bookings for up to 5 swimmers however, we know this can be challenging if you are sharing the hour with a family friend or relative and splitting the cost. To make it easy, designate one family to be the communication liaison for lessons and also the account holder. This family will book, pay and manage the online account. It will be the lead family's responsibility to communicate with the other families who are sharing the multi-child booking with them. Please note that by agreeing to our terms and conditions (when booking) the lead family has signed the swim waiver for all parties present during the multi-child booking.
  • What is the Sea Love Swim 5% fee?
    All our swim lesson services and packages have a 5% service fee which is to cover the cost of the credit card transaction. This fee is non-refundable.
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