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Kids Swim Lessons

Are You Looking for Kids Swim Lessons around Nashville?

If you are looking for kids swim lessons for your child and are searching ‘swim lessons near me’ around Nashville, come to Sea Love Swim. Here at Sea Love Swim, we firmly believe that everyone should learn how to swim and our goal is to make time spent in and around the water safer and more fun for kids, as well as adults. Even if you don't live near a beach, there are many homes and hotels that do have pools. When kids take swimming lessons, not only are they learning something that makes for good exercise and a social activity, but they are also learning an essential survival skill which can help save their life. 


Here at Sea Love Swim, we understand that learning a new skill or being in the water can be quite intimidating for some children. That is why we do our best to, not only teach them the techniques and skills to have them more confident and comfortable with being in the water, but to also make our kids swimming lessons fun, so that every child has a great learning experience as well.  


Whether your child is just starting off in swimming or would like to improve on their current skill,  we have an experienced team of swim instructors that can push your child’s swimming skills to the next level. Our entire staff of instructors are friendly and skilled swimmers, who will teach your child proper swimming techniques as well as water safety. The kids swim lessons at Sea Love Swim are the perfect way to help your child excel and reach their swimming goals.


So if you are searching ‘swim lessons near me’, contact us today. We teach private, semi-private and parent/child lessons. Our lessons are customized to meet our students’ needs as we encourage each swimmer through our proven gentle progression of stroke, designed to help any swimmer succeed at any age and any level.

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