Lesson Pricing 

Lesson Type                   Price                 Ratio                  Duration

Private Lessons:              $45                   1 : 1                    30 min.



Semi - Private Lessons:   $35                   1 : 2                    30 min.

(for families with 2 kids who have like abilities or friends with kids who have like abilities. We do not pair semi-private partners)



Group Lessons:               $25                   1 : 4                    30 min.



Parent/Child Lessons:     $25                   1 : 4                    30 min. 

We recommend booking 4 lessons in a swim session.

Travel lessons have a $5 travel fee per lesson.

Gift Certificates

- give the gift of swim lessons

- purchase online

- print certificate or e-mail recipient

- recipient can redeem certificate

when booking

- valid 90 days

Cancellation Policy

We are proud to offer flexible scheduling for swim lessons. You may cancel/reschedule your lessons at any time via your account portal once you register for lessons. (This does not apply to group lessons)

Any cancellation within 24 hours is a full charge unless a swimmer is sick. If you need to cancel within 24 hours please email sealoveswim@gmail.com so we can notify your instructor.