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Booking Quick Facts and Features

-Walk through our online booking flow to create an account, pay and manage your bookings all online at your convenience.

-Our system will automatically match you to an instructor via the facility location you choose or your home pool address.

-We know scheduling can be difficult so breathe easy knowing that you can cancel and reschedule any appoinment via your account up to 12 hours before your appointment.

Underwater Creatures

How To Book

Sea Love Swim Lessons 

A Guided Tour : Online Registration and Booking

Instruction Guide for Online Booking

Step 1: Click the booking button on our website.

Step 2: Click on the Service you would like to book. 

Services are the types of lessons we offer. For example, if you're looking to book a parent/child lesson, click on that service. (Note: If you desire back to back private lessons for two or three swimmers, please select the 1 hr booking option)

Step 3: Choose the location you would like lessons at or enter your home/community pool address.(to the right of the services menu) If you are looking for a traveling swim instructor, click My Location and enter the address of the pool you would like your instructor to meet you at. If you are looking to book at a Sea Love Swim Facility location click Other Locations and select your desired pool from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Click Search

The system will automatically match an instructor to you according to the type of service and location you selected. *Please ensure that you have selected a Facility Lesson Service for the "Other Location" drop down menu and Travel Instructor Service for "My Location" lessons. If you are not matched with an instructor please email us as we send out "who's looking" updates to our instructors once a week.

Step 7: View the schedule days and bio's of the Sea Love Swim Instructors you are matched with and choose the instructor you would like to book.

Step 8: Choose your package (after selecting your package the recurring toggle will appear and turn on the toggle if you would like your lesson time and day to recur each week)

Step 9: Choose your day (on the calendar) and time (in the drop down menu) 

Step 10: The system will redirect you to create an email login and password.

Step 11: Fill out your credit card details for your new account

Step 12: The system will redirect you back to the lesson days and times you had previously chosen to book. Confirm your days and times and click book. *If you have the recurring toggle switched on, the system will show you all your lessons. If you did not turn it on, the system will book the single lesson and credit your account with the remaining lessons in your package to book later.

Welcome to Sea Love Swim!

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