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 Sea Love Swim Policies

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The short and sweet response, look for The Rule under each section

The motive behind the company policy, look for The Why under each section

For steps to adhere to our policy, look for The How under each section

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Cancelation Policy

The Why -   We understand that schedules change so we offer a very flexible cancelation policy for our swim families. 


The How - When a family books lessons through our booking platform an automatic user account is created. Our families are required to manage all their bookings through their personal user account. This allows for hassle-free communication since our families have access to book and change their appointments as needed without having to contact their instructor. When a family changes a booking an automatic update email is sent to their instructor.

To manage bookings our families log into their account and click the reschedule or cancel button located to the right of their appointment.  If they click reschedule their instructors calendar will open to select another date. If they click cancel a lesson credit will be automatically added to their account for future bookings.


The Rule - Cancel or reschedule at no charge up to 12 hours prior to the original scheduled appointment time. Any cancelation/reschedule within 12 hours of a scheduled appointment will result in a full charge.

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Weather Policy

The Why -  We know weather can be unpredictable and desire all our swimmers to have comfortable and successful swimming lesson. While some of us prefer to be in the water as much as possible, it is health code to exit a pool if anyone hears thunder or views lightning. This means that if we are in the middle of a swimming lesson and lighting or thunder happens, we will have to get out of the water for safety.


The How - If the weather woman is calling for storms, it is up to our families to reschedule their lesson and they may do so when it is more than 12 hours prior to their appointment. To manage bookings our families log into their account and click the reschedule button located to the right of their appointment.  Their instructors calendar will open to select another date for that lesson. No need to reach out to their instructor either, as our system will automatically send them an email when a lesson is rescheduled. But what if the weather is looking bad and it's within the 12 hour free cancellation zone? Good question. In this case, our families must contact their instructors to cancel for weather. Any cancellation within the 12 hour penalty zone is up to the discretion of the instructor. 

The Rule - Our clients can login to their personal lesson portal and reschedule a lesson up to 12 hours prior to their appointment time for any reason, including impending inclement weather. However, if they do not login to manage and reschedule 12 hours prior to their appointment for weather, they must contact their instructor directly as the rescheduling for weather is now up to the discretion of their instructor. Clients will not be charged should their instructor decide to reschedule based on weather. However, should they decide to continue with lessons or if no communication is had between client and instructor prior to arriving for a lesson that it is cut short from inclement weather, clients will be charged in full for the lesson. 

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Payment Policy


The Why - The exchange of funds for a service can be a hassle. It can also make interpersonal relationships awkward between families and their instructor. This is why we have taken steps to insure payment is swift and easy and done before our instructors arrive for swimming lessons.


The How - When our families book their lessons through our instant booking platform, after selecting the package they wish to purchase and the dates and times for their lessons they are automatically prompted to pay via a secure payment portal. 


The Rule - Sea Love Swim lessons are paid in full before a scheduled spot is reserved on an instructor's calendar. This can happen via our online instant booking platform, their personal client portal or through our admin. We do not hold or pre-reserve lesson times, even when booking over the phone. Payment is required before all lessons take place. 

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Refund Policy


The Why - There are many reasons why a monetary refund may be asked for during a swim session and we get it. What if your child isn't emotionally ready? What if you want to stop swim lessons for another sport? This is why we offer flexibility with our lesson package credits. Credits don't expire and will remain on your account for future use. So, when selecting a swim lesson package, it is our clients responsibility to choose which package suits them best. They must be sure to select the package they are ready and willing to commit to. Once a package is selected and purchased, we view this as a commitment to complete the lessons they purchased with us and do not offer monetary refunds. We are happy to offer discounted lessons based on the quantity of lessons purchased upfront and the flexibility to book as many or as little credits as your family needs during a season therefore we do not offer monetary refunds once our families have selected, purchased and started (received their first swim lesson) a package of swim lessons.


The How - At the time of booking via our instant booking platform or in a walk through with our admin, our families are offered a selection of packages for swimming lessons. Select the package that your family is committed to completing with Sea Love Swim. 


The Rule - We do not offer monetary refunds once the first lesson of a package has been completed. If you purchase a package of lessons and do not finish your package, your lesson credits will remain on your account so you may return in another season. 

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