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Swim Lesson Services

Learn to Swim with a Sea Love Swim Instructor

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Parent / Tot Lessons

Ages 12 - 30 months

Infant Swimming Lessons - Sea Love Swim
Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Private Swim lessons with mom and/or dad in the water for 25 - 30 minutes.

Hop in the pool with your little one and we will show you how to acclimate them to the water, teach them to float and introductory water safety skills, like wall grabs and how to climb out of the water.

      Water Skills


Assisted Tummy Float

Assisted Back Float



and more



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Parent / Tot Lessons 

Pre-K Lessons 


Ages 2-3 years (Toddler),

Ages 4-5 years (Pre-k)

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Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Private lessons with a Sea Love Swim Instructor for

25 - 30 minutes.

We can assist your Toddler with their water-safety skills like wall turn arounds and roll overs, or your pre-k swimmer with the introduction to proper swim stokes. Even a child who needs to progress their swim team stroke for a swim test or competition. Whatever your pool needs, our lessons are designed to accommodate the individual swimmer.

         Water Skills

(Select a lesson type 

for a list of skills)


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Toddler Lessons

Pre-K Lessons

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Child Lessons

Ages 6+ 

Child & Toddler Swim Lessons - Sea Love Swim
Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Private lessons for 30 minutes.

Ages 6+

We strive to make learning to swim an enjoyable and positive experience for kids. Our private instruction allows for one-on-one attention, ensuring that your child gets the personalized instruction they need to become water safe. Our experienced instructors believe that any new skill is best learned when it’s fun! Check out our at home lessons today.

   Water Skills

Proper Flutter Kick

Front Float

Back Float

Side Breathing

Breast Stroke

Back Stroke

and more

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Child Lessons

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Group Bookings

All Ages

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Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons
Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Private lessons for 2, 3 or 4 Swimmers.

Book A Swim Instructor for a location with Multiple Swimmers and we will divide the lesson time between each individual swimmer for quality private lessons.

This can be a family with multiple kids or friends who want to team up together to book a Multiple -Swimmer Group package.

Since these lessons are split between swimmers for individualized private lessons, multi-swimmer group lessons can serve swimmers of all ages and abilities.




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Private Lessons for Multiple Swimmers.

Our Swim Commitment

Easily Book and Manage Lessons Online

Book a private swim lesson instructor to meet you at your home or community pool

Book together with friends or family to save on cost.

Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Sea Love Swim is dedicated to providing private swim instruction to any student regardless of age or ability.

At Sea Love Swim we believe swimming is an empowering life-saving skill everyone should learn in an un-intimidating and caring environment.


Our Swim Method is based on proper assessment of our students, intuitive instruction and positive affirmation. 


Our Swim Lessons are designed to nurture a healthy and encouraging relationship between our students and water by

meeting our students where they

are comfortable in the water


and gently progressing them forward through trust and affirmation with our

Sea Love Swim Curriculum


Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons
Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

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Learn More About Our Lessons

Teach Your Child Basic Water Skills With Our

Get Specifics About Our

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For Swimmers ages 12-30 months

For Swimmers ages 2 & 3 years

For Swimmers ages 6+ years

For Swimmers ages 4 & 5 years

Group Bookings for All Ages

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Multiple Swimmer Bookings

How Do We Register Our Separate Families?


Multiple Swimmer lessons are an excellent choice for group bookings however one person must be the designated leader for communication between Sea Love Swim and the Multiple Swimmer Booking. This person will register and book their Multiple Swimmer Lessons via our instant booking platform. When they do so we ask that they list all swimmer names for lessons in the notes section. This group leader then is responsible for cancelling and rescheduling lessons for the group via their online account.

Do We Need To File An Extra Swim Lesson Waiver?

When booking a Multiple Swimmer Lesson all parties automatically agree to our swim lesson waiver and the group leader assumes all liability for the entire registered party (all swim participants) upon registration. Our waiver is under the Terms of Service and a box that must be checked when booking your Multiple Swimmer Lesson.

What Happens When One Swimmer of the Group Cannot Attend Their Multiple Swimmer Lesson?

We at Sea Love Swim pride ourselves on our flexibility with lessons and scheduling however Sea Love Swim will not split a Multiple Swimmer Lesson Duration into separate instructor visits for make ups or any other reason. This means that all Multiple Swimmer Lesson bookings must last the full duration of the intended booking. If one participant cannot make a Multiple Swimmer Lesson Booking, our instructor will simply divide the original booking duration between the swimmers present that day or the group leader may cancel and reschedule for when all participants can make their lesson. 

(All Cancellations and Reschedules are subject to our policies and procedures)


What Type of Lesson Will My Child Receive in a Multiple Swimmer Lesson?

Our Multiple Swimmer Lessons are for families with more than 1 child or friends who want to head to the pool together however, even in a Multiple Swimmer Lesson Booking, we teach private swimming lessons with one swimmer to our one instructor. Select below for an in depth look at what we teach according to the ages of your swimmers booked for a Multiple Swimmer Lesson.


Ages 12 - 30 months - Private Parent/Tot Lesson

Ages 2 - 3 years - Private Toddler Lesson

Ages 4 - 5 years - Private Pre-K Lesson

Ages 6+ - Private Child Lesson

Ages 18+ - Private Adult Lesson

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