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Swim Lesson Services

Learn to Swim At Home Swim Lessons with a Sea Love Swim Instructor

Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Parent / Tot Lessons

Infant Swimming Lessons - Sea Love Swim
Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Private lessons with mom and/or dad in the water.

Ages 12 - 30 months.

Hop in the pool with your little one and we will show you how to acclimate them to the water, teach them to float and introductory water safety skills, like wall grabs and climbing out of the water.

             Water Skills


Assisted Tummy Float

Assisted Back Float



and more



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Parent / Tot Lessons 

Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Toddler, Pre-K and
Child Lessons


Child & Toddler Swim Lessons - Sea Love Swim
Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Private lessons for 30 minutes.

Ages 2-3 years (Toddler),

Ages 4-5 years (Pre-k),

Ages 6+ (Child)

We can assist your Toddler with their water-safety skills like wall turn arounds and roll overs, or your pre-k swimmer with the introduction to proper swim stokes. Even a child who needs to progress their swim team stroke for a swim test or competition. Whatever your pool needs, our lessons are designed to accommodate the individual swimmer.

             Water Skills

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for a list of skills)


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Toddler Lessons

Pre-K Lessons

Child Lessons

Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Adult Lessons

Adult Swim Lessons - Sea Love Swim
Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Private lessons for 60 minutes.

Ages 18+

We love teaching adults. Our adult lessons are for a full hour and we teach a variety of abilities. Whether you're conquering a fear of the water or the goal of a long-distance swimming race, we are happy to assist you.

       Water Skills

Proper Flutter Kick

Front Float

Back Float

Side Breathing

Breast Stroke

Back Stroke

and more

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Adult Lessons

Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Multiple Swimmer 
Private Lessons


Sea Love Swim - Swimming Lessons

Private lessons for 2, 3 or 4 Swimmers.

All Ages 

Our Multiple Swimmer Packages are for families who are looking for lessons for more than 1 swimmer. This can be a family with 3 kids or friends can also team up with others to book a Multi-Swimmer Group package and receive the discounted rate.

These lessons are split between swimmers for individualized private lessons therefore multi-swimmer group lessons can serve swimmers of all ages and abilities.




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Private Lessons for Multiple Swimmers.

Private Lesson
Semi Private Lesson

Toddler and Child Lessons

Our private lessons for Toddlers or Kids are 20 -30 minutes long and we teach to the swimmer with love and encouragement.


Our lessons are designed around body balance and proper swim technique. 

If you have more than 1 child to register, purchase one of our multi-child swim packages with built in discount pricing when split between 2, 3, 4 or 5+ swimmers. More Info

Parent and Child Lesson

Infant Lessons - Parent/Child Lessons

If your child is within 5-30 months, book a Parent/Child lesson. During these lessons we give you tools to introduce your child to the water in a fun and positive way. We also show you progressions to teach your child how to go under water safely, float on their back and climb out of the pool. 

If your infant is 18months+, parent/child set-up is optional. Just let your instructor know if you would prefer to be out of the water.

Multi- Child Lessons (2, 3, or 4 Swimmers) 

If you have more than 1 child who needs lessons, book a Multi-Child Lesson. Families can also team up with friends to book a Multi-Child Lesson and receive the built-in discounted rate.

Multi-Child Lessons are 60 minute or 90 minute bookings that are split between swimmers for individualized private lessons. (Groupings can also occur if instructor agrees and after assessment. Combining swimmers must be ages 4+).


Multi-child lessons can serve swimmers of all ages and abilities. For example- You have a Toddler and a Child and are also looking for adult lessons yourself. Sign up for the "Multi-Child Lessons - 3 Swimmers" and our instructor will teach you and your two kids (3 total swimmers) for an hour with individualized 20 minute private lessons each.

Multi - Child Lesson Packages offered for 2 (60 min booking) 3 (60 min booking) 4 (90 min booking) and 5+ (120 min booking) swimmers.

1 hour lesson
Adult lesson

Adult Lessons

We offer 60 minute private lessons for Adults. We know it can take time to change and hop in the pool (especially if you're dealing with any water anxiety) so our Adult lessons are a full hour to give you time to acclimate.


Adult lessons are appropriate for any level swimmer. Whether you're looking to learn to swim for the first time or for some extra technique tips, we offer experienced swim instructors that can progress your swim abilities.

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Our Swim Philosophy

Sea Love Swim LLC is dedicated to providing swim instruction to any student regardless of age or ability. Our swim lessons are designed to nurture a healthy and encouraging relationship with water as we believe swimming is an empowering life-saving skill everyone should learn in an unintimidating and caring environment. Our swim method is based on proper assessment of our students, intuitive instruction and positivity. We know every individual is unique, so our swim lessons are designed to meet our students where they are comfortable in the water and gently progress them forward through trust and affirmation.

Sea Love Swim was founded in 2020 to provide quality services and positive swim lesson experience for the individual swimmer. We also strive to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate by partnering with Swim For Africa, a Christian charity that provides youth educational sponsorships in Athi River, Kenya. Learn More. Sea Love Swim hopes to onboard more charity partnerships as the program grows.

Sea Love Swim LLC offers private lessons for infants, toddlers, children and adults.

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